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Morse Pond Review: Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth


Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth

Sheila O’Connor

G.P. Putnam’s Son’s

Available now


Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth is about a girl name Maureen (Reenie) Kelly. In the time of the bloody Vietnam war, Reenie’s mother passes away so they have to move in with their grandmother while their father tries to earn money. Reenie’s older brother, Billy, is at risk of being drafted into the war. Reenie begins to start a new life at her new home starting with being pen pals with an old man named Mr. Marsworth. Mr. Marsworth gives Reenie advice that helps her through many obstacles and may even help save her brother from the draft. They help each other through their hard times. This beautifully written story has themes talking about peace, love and family. It shows us that people can help each other through hard times and that they can encourage each other to be their best. I highly suggest this book to all readers.

~ Kylie, 6th Grade, age 11

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