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Customer Review: The Chaos of Standing Still

ChaosofStandingStillThe Chaos of Standing Still

Jessica Brody


Simon Pulse

Available November 28, 2017

A small red number has been in the top right corner of Ryn Gilbert’s Messages app for almost a year now. One unread message. Ryn can’t bring herself to read it, because that message is the last thing her best friend Lottie ever said to her before Lottie died. Ryn hasn’t been able to move on since the fateful day of the accident, but when she is trapped in the Denver International Airport due to a blizzard, she meets a boy named Xander Hale. She accidentally swaps phones with him, which leads to the two of them to having a night filled with excitement and adventure. And for the first time, Ryn might be starting to move on from her best friend’s death. The Chaos of Standing Still is an emotional, heartwarming story which I recommend to anyone who needs a good book about life, love, death, and meet-cutes with charming strangers.

~Leah, 9th grade

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Staff Review: The Geography of You and Me

T9780316254779he Geography of You and Me

Jennifer E. Smith



Available now

Jennifer Smith, a newly rising YA author, understands how to create sweet and light romances that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with first love. When high school students Lucy and Owen get stuck in a New York City elevator, their initial conversation leads to a single night of roaming the streets of the city. By morning, the two teens go their separate ways. As Lucy hops all over Europe with her parents, and Owen travels throughout the United States with his father, they exchange a scattered emails and postcards that eventually result in meet-ups in San Francisco and New York City. Lucy and Owen’s heart-felt romance shows a unique experience of first love, long-distance relationships, and leaps of faith.

~ Laura


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