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Morse Pond Review: The Runaway Princess


The Runaway Princess

Johan Troïanowski

Random House Graphic


Available January 21, 2020

The Runaway Princess was a really good graphic novel. I really liked it because the reader gets to interact with it. For example, there were puzzles to help the main character get out of a place. Also, I liked it because there were three different parts of the story where the princess ran away. It is about a princess who finds friends in the woods when she runs away and they all run away from three different people and three different places. In the book there are a lot of pictures, so it is easier to see what is happening in the story. It is also not easy, but is also not too hard. This book is good for middle grade readers, and if you like girly books this is the one for you.

~Ryley, Grade 6

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