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Customer Review: The Cruel Prince

CruelPrinceThe Cruel Prince 

Holly Black

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Available January 2018 


Jude Duarte is stolen away from the mortal world at seven years old, her parents murdered by the same faerie that then took her and her sisters to Faerie. She grows up among the faeries; their lifestyle becoming hers. She wishes more than anything to truly belong in the Faerie Court, and when she is seventeen a chance to make this dream come true finally appears: she must defy the wishes of the cruel Prince Cardan and compete in a tournament to seek knighthood. However, in gaining the power she craves, Jude finds herself in the middle of a deadly web of bloodshed and deceit, and she is the key to stopping the imminent civil war hovering over Faerie. The only way to survive is to become more ruthless than the murderers she faces. With fast-paced action, well-drawn characters and a gripping plot, The Cruel Prince will keep you up all night reading and leave you impatiently awaiting the sequel. 

~ Leah, 9th grade



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Customer Review: The Truth About Twinkie Pie

9780316236621The Truth About Twinkie Pie

Kat Yeh

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


Available January 2015

I really enjoyed this book. It was very different and it did not go the way I expected! There were many big clues leading up to what you thought would be a “happy ending” and instead something surprising happens. As a home cook, one aspect of the book I really enjoyed were the recipes with crazy names such as “No Peek Chicken” and “EZ Cheeze Crunch” and “Easier Than Pie Pudding” and of course, “Twinkie Pie.” The recipes originate from Gigi’s, the main character’s, mom, whose whereabout are unknown. This leaves Didi, Gigi’s older sister, in charge. The mystery of their mom is a pivotal plot line. The book is recommended for 8-12 year olds and I agree with that.

~ Celeste, Age 12

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Customer Review: Seven Wild Sisters


Seven Wild Sisters

Charles de Lint

Illustrated by Charles Vess

Little, Brown for Young Readers


Available February 4, 2014

I really enjoyed this book. The genre was fantasy. This book was about many different things, and holds something for everyone. There is rescuing the main characters sisters, not getting killed, and even a little bit of romance. The author ties all of these plots together to make a really interesting story. The suspense level was also pretty high, although the book was a little slow at first. Something the author could have done to make this book better would be to connect you to the characters a little bit better. In the beginning of the book he includes a little bit about each sister, but he tells you their personalities, and does not really show them. This makes you connect a little less with the sisters. There are seven sisters, but the main character is the sister named Sarah Jane. She helps out an old woman who later becomes her friend – Aunt Lillian. Aunt Lillian tells Sarah Jane tales of fairyland, and the many feuds this place holds. She warns Sarah Jane not to get involved in them. But when Sarah Jane rescues a ‘sangman, Aunt Lillian and Sarah Jane, along with the help of some special creatures must return him to fairyland. Soon, Sarah Jane’s six other sisters have all been captured. Sarah Jane must work quickly to save them. Will she be able to do so? And could her red hair be useful? Read this book to find out!

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

~ Shefali

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Morse Pond Review: Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood


Abby McDonald

Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood

Candlewick Press


Available now

Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood is a fabulous story! It grabbed my attention right away. This story starts off with Grace and Hallie losing their father. The father’s spouse and the girls’ stepmother, Portia, is left with everything. The girls and their mom are forced to move out of their house which was owned by their father, and move to L.A. and live with a rich uncle they have never met. Hallie, an actress who is trying to make it big, is very excited for the move. But Grace does not want to move, especially after meeting her new crush at the funeral. They move to L.A. and Grace has her heartbroken, while Hallie finds new love. Will Hallie’s heart get broken too? Or will she make it big? And will Grace find love after all? Read this amazing book with lots of twist and turns to find out!

~ Celia, 6th grade

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