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Morse Pond Review: The Hundred-Dollar Robber

9780761352433The Hundred-Dollar Robber

Melinda Theilbar

Graphic Universe Press

Available at the library

I read Hundred Dollar Robber and loved it! If you like math and mysteries, this is a book for you. There is a place called Colonial Heights where there is a problem, someone stole 100 dollars from the soccer team. They were going to use that money on their tour. Stacy (one of the soccer team members) went to the park, interrupted a Kung Fu class and asked, “I was wondering if you could help me. My soccer team had a fund-raiser some of the money is missing, and Tom is in trouble.” So the Kung Fu kids joined the case. As they are all walking through town they stopped at the candy store and found out that someone (a girl) stopped by and spent a bunch of  money. Could she be the robber? They sleuths start to put clues together to solve this mystery. Will they find out who took the money and where it is? I hope you love this book as much I did. If you like it then you are in luck because Melinda Thielbar made a whole series of math mysteries!

~ AJ, grade 5


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Dog Review: Scents and Sensibility & Woof

ScentsandSensibilityWhen I finally got my paws on a copy of Spencer Quinn’s newest mystery Scents and Sensibility, I knew I was in for a treat! Quinn is so great at writing the way I and my kind think, I just love his Chet and Bernie books!

In this newest book, Chet and Bernie are finally back in the valley, only to find Bernie’s house burgled and their next door neighbor mixed up with the law! The great thing about this book, what really makes my tail wag, is that the mystery starts on a personal note for Chet and Bernie, and then just shoots off from there, getting better with each page, like a nice big rawhide chew. Its a story I can really sink my teeth into and that’s saying something–everyone tells me they’re really big.

For anyone who’s already a Quinn fan, this book will not disappoint you! For anyone who’s just hearing about Chet and Bernie’s mysteries now, the first is called Dog on It, but I don’t really think you need to read them in order; each mystery is contained in its own book–you can start with this new one if you want! You should totally read them all though, they’re more fun than chasing a tennis ball on the beach! Quinn’s solid, well-thought-out mysteries are full of excitement and witty writing and are the second best thing to a nice meaty steak.

Oh and I almost forgot, this book has a surprise in it! A new character who . . . well, you’ll just have to stop by Eight Cousins and pick up a copy to see what I mean.

~ Arlo, the Portuguese Water Dog

WoofI’m so psyched about Woof, Spencer Quinn’s new doggy mystery for puppies in grades 3-5! I’ve always watched the bigger dogs read the Chet and Bernie mysteries and love them, so now it’s great there’s a book for a pup my age to enjoy too! I could just leap seven feet in the air with joy–in fact, nothing’s stopping me . . .

Just like the Chet and Bernie books, Woof is told by one of my guys, a big, fluffy, loveable dog (Bowser) who’s just been adopted by a girl (Birdie) who lives by the bayou in Louisiana with her grandma. Turns out a thief has taken her great grandfather’s prized black marlin from her grandma’s bait shop, and it may or may not contain the secret to a hidden treasure in it! The sheriff is . . . less than helpful, so it falls on Birdie and of course Bowser to get to the bottom of the crime!

Reading a story in the bayou of Louisiana really makes my tail wag, it’s such a cool place to set a mystery! Quinn puts in so much great detail, he really uses the setting to spice up the story, not that the story needs spicing, because it’s a fantastic story, harrowing at the right times, with a good sense of humor, and a really juicy mystery. Quinn adapts his style from the Chet and Bernie books perfectly, this book is just as good as the adult variety, so puppies can enjoy this great kind of mystery too! The narration by the dog is, as always, super on point! Just like my mom’s cooking . . . which I take off the table when she isn’t looking . . .

~ Woody, the Portuguese Water Dog

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