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Staff Review: A Snicker of Magic

9780545552707A Snicker of Magic

Natalie Lloyd

Scholastic Press

Available February 25, 2014

Felicity Pickle has spent most of her life on the move. Mama is restless and doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long. When Mama, Felicity, and younger sister Frannie Jo drive in to Midnight Gulch, Felicity can’t help thinking that maybe this time things will be different; maybe this time they’ll stay. Not only is Midnight Gulch is Mama’s home town, but when they arrive, Felicity hears a “Yes! Yes! Yes!” drumbeat in her chest.

Felicity needs a miracle, but fortunately Midnight Gulch is a magic town, and everything is not always as it seems. Or at least it used to be a magic town, and Felicity, who can see words dancing through the world, is determined to help Midnight Gulch find its magic and help her family find their home.

Filled with quirky and absolutely lovable characters, A Snicker of Magic is a book with heart, one not to be missed by anyone who appreciates that every one, and every town, has a story to tell. But mostly it’s a book for anyone who understands the value of words — and ice cream.

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Morse Pond Review: The Lost Kingdom

9780545274265The Lost Kingdom

Matthew Kirby

Scholastic Press


Available now

In The Lost Kingdom, Matthew J. Kirby makes you feel like you’re in early America. With just the right amount of suspense, this book kept me wanting to turn the page, and it has a special surprise at the end. If you liked Dormia, you’ll definitely want to give this one a try!

~ Alex, age 11

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