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Morse Pond Review: Moo


Sharon Creech



Available August 30, 2016

That stubborn Zora! Reena and Luke are the new kids on the block when they must take care of creepy Mrs. Falala’s (Fuh-LAH-lah) cow, Zora. Teaching a belted galloway (like Zora) to become a show cow takes a lot of hard work, and the whole-hearted Maine boy Zep is happy to help out. Between Luke teaching how to draw, and Reena making a new friend, this book shows you that new experiences are an amazing opportunity to change your life, you just have to have the courage to try.

You will NOT be able to put this book down as soon as you read the first sentence.

~ Ava, grade 6

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Morse Pond Review: The Lost Children of the Far Islands

9780375870910The Lost Children of the Far Islands

Emily Raabe

Knopf Books for Young Readers


Available now

I really enjoyed The Lost Children of the Far Islands by Emily Raabe because it had a lot of adventure. The setting and the plot are very interesting. Part of the book is on a island in Maine. It is a very mysterious place. Anyone who goes to the island doesn’t come back. This story is about twins Gus and Leo and their little sister, Ila, who are living a peaceful life in Maine until their mother mysteriously gets very ill. As her strength fades the children realize that she is protecting them from a terrible evil. Soon they are sent out to an island with a grandmother they never knew about. They find out that they are folk — creatures that can turn from human from to animal form and back. They go on an adventure to try to stop an ancient and powerful monster, the King of Black Lakes who is trying to take over the world. The Lost Children of the Far Islands is a story filled with magic, excitement and adventure. It is a very good book and I really recommend it. I hope you like the book!

~ Sophia, age 10

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