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Morse Pond Review: Charmed Life

9780545603720Charmed Life #1: Caitlin’s Lucky Charm

Lisa Schroder



Available now

Caitlin’s Lucky Charm was a very good. I would definitely recommend it to a girl. I don’t think boys would enjoy it as much as a girl would because all the main characters are girls.

In this book, there is a magic bracelet. I think the author making the bracelet magic definitely made the bracelet more interesting. The characters are very realistic. I also love the fact that the girls decided to share the bracelet and write letters back and forth formally and not using electronics. I think girls would be able to relate to this book more than a boy would.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was an amazing book!

Sarah, age 11

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Digital Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to Leah, age 17, whose poem “Be Infinite, Look Up”, was selected by YA author Lisa Schroeder as our Digital Poetry Contest winner. You can find Leah’s poem on our website.

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Digital Poetry Contest Short List Winners

At the end of the Digital Poetry Contest, we selected 5 poems for the short list and sent them off to YA author Lisa Schroeder. After much deliberation, she has selected the final winner, with the comment “this was hard”. The winning poem will be published on our website tomorrow. Today, however, we wanted to feature the four short list poems. Congratulations to everyone. We were most impressed with your writing!



at night
in my bed
when the lights are turned off,
i stare up at my ceiling
and suddenly my hands are above my head,
creating a picture that only i can see
on the separating me and the night.
some nights it’s just criss-crosses,
multicolored polka-dots,
anything that pops,
other nights i try to recreate Starry Night
only the blue sky is changed
it’s now the new york city skyline.

at night
in my bed
i lay my head against the pillow
and make sure my neck is against it
just so i can hear my pulse pound
(p      o u     n        d)
in my ear
and know i am alive.

at night
in my bed
i think of everyone i spoke to that day.
i remember what we said
what they wore
what their facial expressions were.
and i wonder if they think about me the same way
or if i think too much of people.

(Jessica, age 16)


On The Inside

It’s suffocating
I can’t breath
I can’t move
I can’t see
I can’t feel
at all…

I am numb and pain
at the same time
and I’m angry
on the inside

I am mute and I speak
at the same time
and I’m screaming
on the inside

I am blind and I see
at the same time
and I’m crying
on the inside

I’m angry!
I’m screaming!
I’m running!
I’m crying!

I’m So Sorry!

On The Inside…

(Yalexie, age 17)



Soccer is freedom,
Nothing else.
With each dribble I am like a boss-
I am in control
With every play I am like a cat-
I am confident
In games I am like a bird-
I have been set free
Without this game, I’m choking-
I’m a fish on land

This game gives me everything.
I could never have enough
I’m a greedy king
I need more.
Enough is never enough

How could I live without my passion?
I cannot.
This game is the air I breathe
Necessary to my survival

Soccer is my friend
Always there for me
I feel o so fortunate

Many are not as lucky as I
But like a friend, there are ups and downs
I get frustrated
I want to play more, better
But never ever to quit.

Practice makes perfect
As the saying goes
I sometimes feel obsessed-
I am addicted
My heart is pounding
Too much of anything isn’t good
Except for soccer
I can’t get enough
I love every bit of it

Just it and I together,
We’re the perfect team
Sailing through the ups and downs
Working through the thick and thin.

(Ally, age 16)



Grace followed in her footsteps
And clung to her aura
It’s gentle hands tried to keep her steady,
As she walked through the path of life
Which was lined by an array of flowers
Their scents enticing, tempting
Leading her through the crossroads,
Invisibly coated with the paints of pure and evil
But the intoxicating aroma of sin
Enticed her with fragrances of black rose
She hadn’t noticed the thorns
On the stems of what was luring her
To the murderous  hands of death
Her beauty couldn’t save her
Instead, it attracted the demons
Who prised away grace’s fingertips,
Throwing it and her innocence into the flames
And placing her into deaths palm

(Eve, age 14)

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Customer Review: Falling for You

The following review on Lisa Schroeder’s Falling for You (Simon Pulse, $16.99) is written by one of our long-time customers. Be sure to check this and Schroeder’s other books on display in our store.

Also, our digital Poetry Contest is happening now! Details and the submission form can be found HERE.



Whenever anyone asks me about novels in verse, Lisa Schroeder is the first name that comes out of my mouth. Falling for You, however, is Lisa’s first YA book told in traditional prose (with a good amount of poetry sprinkled throughout). I will admit when I heard this book wasn’t in verse I was disappointed; I was also a little nervous and wondered would it be as good as her other books? Well I am here to tell you that YES IT IS! Silly me to doubt.

The book is about a girl named Rae who has a very difficult home life that she keeps hidden from even her best friends. The way she deals with this dark part of her life is through keeping a poetry journal where she lets all her emotions flow freely.

I absolutely loved the formatting of this book! The book starts off with a snippet of Rae in the hospital but we don’t know what happened to put her there. The book then jumps to six months earlier, then we get another snippet at the hospital, five months later, snippet, four months, and so on and so forth. This created a great sense of tension and mystery throughout the whole book as we wonder what is going to happen to Rae.

As for the characters, it was so refreshing to have such a strong, intelligent, and loving protagonist like Rae. Her love and care for others, even those who had hurt her kept surprising me. She really was a remarkable character.

Nathan is the new guy who immediately shows interest in Rae. You could tell he was trouble from the first moment he opened his mouth; I just wish Rae could have seen it too! It was understandable how she looked past it though, because she had never had a boyfriend before and dreamed of having someone who really cared for her.

Leo was the awesome friend. He was completely laid back, fun, caring, super sweet and did I mention he’s homeschooled?!? Homeschooled characters don’t really pop up often in YA so I was pretty excited. (I was homeschooled myself, so that’s why I’m so excited about this!)

All in all, this book was a battle between light and dark, about finding the light even in the darkest most trying times. It was emotional. It was mysterious. It was hopeful. It was wonderful.

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