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Morse Pond Review — House of Robots: My Brother the Robot

HouseofRobotsHouse of Robots: My Brother the Robot

James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Little, Brown


Available now

The book that I read was House of Robots: My Brother the Robot by James Patterson. What I liked about the book is that at the start Sammy didn’t like E going to his school, but at the end they became best buds. E is a robot that thinks it is Sammy’s brother. Sammy is worried that the other students will judge him as a nerd because of E. The bully in this book is up to no good at their school and is trying to get his crowd back. You should read this book because it is really funny and great to read.

~ Dontae, age 12

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Customer Review: Treasure Hunters

9780316207560Treasure Hunters

James Patterson

Little, Borwn


Available September 2013

I enjoyed reading the book Treasure Hunters quite a bit. It had a good plot and good characters, all with a good personalities. The plot always took new twists and turns I did not expect.

The four main characters are Tommy, Storm, Beck and Bick Kidd. They are all children of Thomas Kidd. When their father disappears off their boat “The Lost” in the middle of a storm, the Kidds decide to continue the family business: treasure hunting.

The one thing I did not understand was that Bick (the narrator) communicates to his twin sister Beck (the illustrator) like this: “Beck says not to believe every thing I say. Whatever can we get on with the story? Good.” This suggests that Beck is reading everything Bick is writing. This is a cool style of writing; the only problem is that close to the end of the story Bick is writing stuff that he does not want his siblings to know, and that includes Beck.

The style that James Patterson writes in is very interesting, it is very casual (he writes as if he is talking). You do not learn any new vocabulary, except some boating terms, since he is writing as Bick (a kid). It is very funny, because he is very literal with his writing and is always making puns and jokes.

I would recommend this book to children between the ages of 8 and 10. Although the book has 451 pages it has big print and lots of pictures. The story also keeps your attention through most of the story, but I think Patterson could cut down the text in some parts.

I would give this story eight out of ten. I think younger children than me would really enjoy the book (I am very picky).

~ Helena, age 11

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