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Customer Review: Stray


Elissa Sussman

Greenwillow Books


Available now

“I am grateful for the Path, which keeps me pure, ever after,” is the mantra that Aislynn focuses on everyday at Nerine Academy where she trains to be the perfect princess and wife. But Aislynn can’t control her magic and dreams of straying the path and becoming evil. She is then sent to become a fairy godmother, while taking care of the future queen. Aislynn hears secrets of rebellion and learns of a sinister plot that puts her in danger. This book is filled with twists and turns, decisions made and their consequences, and Aislynn’s struggle with following the Path.

~ Emily, age 14

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Staff Review: The Real Boy

9780062015075The Real Boy

Anne Ursu

Erin McGuire (Illustrator)

Walden Pond Press


Available now

The one thing I love about Anne Ursu’s novels (Breadcrumbs, The Cronus Chronicles) is that they are always filled with breath-taking magic and her newest novel The Real Boy is no different. Based loosely off the fairy tale of Pinocchio, this novel contains charm for both young and old readers to revisit time and time again. Oscar is an eleven year old boy who works for the town’s magician, mixing potions, perfumes and herbs for the city’s most privileged people. Oscar spends his days in the basement of the shop with his pet cats mixing and collecting the herbs and dreaming about the wizards that once walked the land. Although his world is small, he prefers it that way to the sprawling city of Aletheia. Unfortunately for Oscar, as soon as Caleb the magician leaves Oscar in charge of the shop while he goes away on a business trip, the children of the city start to become sick. As the town’s substitute magician, it’s up to Oscar and his new friend Callie to uncover the secret behind the illnesses. Along the way, Oscar will learn about the secret of the wizards, Caleb’s “magic” and reason behind Oscar’s being. Beautifully written, The Real Boy is an enchanting novel that will leaves its readers with the warmth of a fairy tale.

~ Laura

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Customer Review: Gorgeous

9780545464260Paul Rudnick


Scholastic Press


Available now

Paul Rudnick’s Gorgeous was an irresistible read filled with many sarcastic lines that had me laughing out loud. Rudnick’s vivid descriptions and all of his characters’ quirks will captivate the reader from the start. While exploring her inner and outer qualities, Becky will have her share of surprises along the way. You’re definitely in for a ride from the minute you start reading. Gorgeous is out in time for a summertime read and if you’re looking for your Prince Charming then this is the book for you!

-Mimi (17)

Eight Cousins Note: Gorgeous is staff approved. One of our members read and loved this book, too!

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