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Morse Pond Review: Disappearance at Hangman’s Bluff

9780062104496Disappearance At Hangman’s Bluff

J. E. Thompson

Walden Pond Press


Available now

Abbey Force and Bee Force are best friends, yet they’re totally different. While Bee is a focused school girl and is never in trouble, Abbey loves adventure and is always getting herself and Bee into trouble. Usually Bee has to get them out of it. When the girls are watching the mayor’s dog Yemasee, bad men hit the dog with a car and take off with her. Abbey and Bee are furious and going to get Yemasee back at any cost. In the meantime, a man named Mr. LaBell, who was already sued by Abbey’s dad, is up to no good. He’s digging a giant hole where a slave graveyard used to be. Abbey and Bee will go through a lot to save Yemasee and the graveyard. They risk a lot and gain a lot of courage. I highly recommend this book.

by Samantha, age 11

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