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Customer Review: Dreamland


Robert L. Anderson



Available September 22, 2015

Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson is perfects for fans who love books that leave you on the edge of your seat.  The book takes on a unique plot where Odea Donahue has the ability to walk people’s dreams. There are three rules, do not change anything, never be seen, and don’t walk the same person’s dream twice.  When a boy with a dark past moves into town Odea breaks these rules, sparking changes in her life and the people around her.

~ Emily, 17

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Community Discussion: To Kill a Mockingbird

ToKillaMockingbirdWhat is it like to reread To Kill A Mockingbird after many years?

It was a real treat to read and experience this novel again after a number of years.  This time around, I marveled at the writing …. the descriptions that evoke the hot summers, the slow pace of the days, the gossipy neighbors, the life of a small town.   And the story is timeless — a story that survives because it still has much to show us about our own integrity and how we view others who are “not like us”.   Would we have the courage to stand apart from the mainstream?

~ Libby

Go Set a Watchman available July 14, 2015!

Pre-order your copy now!


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Customer Review: The Walled City

9780316405058The Walled City

Ryan Graudin

Little, Brown


Available now

The book The Walled City was an action book that was full of mystery. This book consisted of gangs, violence and drugs, but these issues were all side notes for how the flawed characters resolved their individual problems. Each of the main characters had a certain setback that they needed to fix before it was too late. This book left questions hanging until the very end, but eventually answered all the reader’s questions. I highly recommend this book to any teen that is looking for a great read in realistic fiction.

Brian, age 14


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Customer Review: The Time Fetch


The Time Fetch

Amy Herrick

Algonquin Books


Available August, 2013

Every book has a certain magic about it, but this one had more; it basically
sizzled around its self like a magnet. I picked it up and didn’t put it down until
every word on all 307 pages had been read.

It started of a little slow, but after a few chapters it was pure fun. Every page
brought more breath-taking adventure and excitement, every page brought more
questions to my mind.

I loved the fact that something as ordinary as a rock was actually something as
abnormal as a “time fetch”, that once moved from it’s hiding place it would eat up
time! Edward’s strange philosophy — everything is just atoms, and nothing
is solid, nothing is worth caring about — confused me but also in intrigued me in a

Something that was also a plus, was that the four kids in the book, Edward, Feenix,
Danton and Brigit get in to some situations in their school time that I am quite
familiar with, which meant I could feel empathy for them as the story brought
the four together.

In the beginning the four hardly even talk, but when they figure out that they
would not be able to save their world from disintegrating without one another’s
help, they hold together even at the toughest times.

There’s something for everyone in The Time Fetch, there is mystery, fantasy,
adventure, and some science. I would recommend it to anyone who likes books at all.

~ Helena, age 11

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Customer Review: Taylor, age 12


Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Chris Grabenstein

Random House Books for Young Readers


June 2013

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein is a must-read. With an amazing setting and twists and turns in every chapter you won’t want to put down the book. You will be devestated when you are done with the book wanting more. Grabenstein does a great job of getting you to connect with his characters. This book is 100% worth reading. ~ Taylor, age 12

Note from Eight Cousins: Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library is like a love letter to children’s books. It is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Westing Game, but in what is sure to become known as “the best library ever”. EVER.  The story is crammed with fun references to children’s books old and new. Do not miss this phenomenal book!

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Customer Review: The Language Inside by Holly Thompson

The Language Inside 
Holly Thompson
Delacorte Press
Published May 2013*

Author Holly Thompson uses free verse to weave together a great
multi-cultural story about family, friends, love, hardship, and what to do
when the language inside doesn’t match the language outside.

The main character, Emma, and her family move from Japan (the only home
Emma has ever known) when her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. The
family moves to Massachusetts to stay with a relative so that her mom can
be treated in Boston.

Her mother’s breast cancer and the move all leave Emma with a lot of
stress and she starts to suffer from severe migraines. Emma also
experiences a lot of guilt for having left Japan right after it has been struck by
the tragedy of a Tsunami. She feels she should be there with her friends to
help clean up the destruction and start rebuilding.

Her grandmother signs Emma up to volunteer at a long-term care facility
while she’s in town. She is there to help Zena, a patient who
suffers from locked-in syndrome, write poetry.  The only way Zena can
communicate is with her eyes. Emma has to hold up an alphabet board
organized by row and color, reading each one out until Zena looks up to
select a letter. I found this dynamic of the story to be very heartwarming
as we get to watch Zena and Emma’s relationship grow as they connect with
one another through their mutual love of poetry.

This book deals with a lot of different issues; breast
cancer, locked-in syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, and migraines,
to name a few, but it does so effortlessly, weaving the issues together into one
coherent and touching story about one girl’s journey to find herself.

~ Amanda

*Note from Eight Cousins: Books that are pre-ordered more than 10 days before publication receive a 20% discount. If you are interested in reviewing Advanced Reader Copies, please contact events@eightcousins.com.

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Customer Review: Mattie, age 14

9780062014535Mattie, age 14, reviewed an advanced reader copy of Requiem by Lauren Oliver for us (Harper, $18.99, available March 5, 2013). Rating the book as “fabulous”, Mattie recommends Requiem for “people who like the other books in the series or people who like dystopias”. She also indicates that the book teaches important lessons, has an excellent plot and interesting people, is well written, and made her laugh.

Thanks for the review, Mattie!


Local kids and teens who are interested in receiving advanced copies of books should contact us about our ARC review program. Stop in the store and ask one of our staff members, or email us at events@eightcousins.com.

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