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Morse Pond Review: Chester and Gus

chester-and-gusChester and Gus

Cammie McGovern

HarperCollins Publisher

April 2017


Chester and Gus is about a chocolate lab named Chester who fails his test to become a service dog. So Chester has to just be a regular dog and go to this family that has a 10 year old shy, autistic boy named Gus. Chester is trying to figure out how he can help Gus, but Gus isn’t like the boys Chester has met. Gus doesn’t pet, pickup, or even really acknowledge that Chester is there. Chester isn’t really sure how to help Gus yet but he’s determined to find out how. Chester wants to show that he is the right dog for Gus. Chester and Gus is a great book I loved it. I would give Chester and Gus a 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this book.

~Teagan, grade 5

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Staff Review: Say What You Will

9780062271105Say What You Will

Cammie McGovern

Harper Teen


Available June 3, 2014

Besides the deft plotting and writing, the believable characters and interesting setup, this book captures the uncertainty of being a teen, simultaneous with the pounding clarity of want (and don’t want). So many YA books, including the estimable ones to which this is being compared, have central characters whose desires are hard-edged, sure-footed, clear-eyed. Amy and Matt, especially Matt, are NOT so sure. Their days and nights are filled with the anxieties that exacerbate neurotic behavior, yet they struggle bravely on, never seeking the assurance of alcohol, video games, or extreme personal style statements. (There are some medications involved, but they do not constitute “drug use”.) Amy and Matt know without knowing that life is never going to be easier: her brains will never compensate completely for her cerebral palsy; his therapies and new-found friends will never wipe out his obsessive-compulsive urges altogether. The issues may evolve, but the coping never ends, and they have learned to help each other cope better.

~ Carol


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