Morse Pond Review: Enchanter’s Child, Book One: Twilight Hauntings

twilighthauntingsEnchanters Child, Book One: Twilight Hauntings

Angie Sage

Katherine Tegen Books

Available March 31, 2020


A tale of Magic, Monsters, and Misconception, Twilight Hauntings is the perfect book for fans of fantasy, with a twinge of mystery. Protagonist Alex is a citizen of the city of Luma, which is located in a kingdom which has outlawed enchantment and all of its branches, including prophecy. The only problem Alex finds with this law is that she runs a secret fortune telling business. Everyday she risks being found by the Sentinels of Luma, dangerous guards who patrol Luma instead of the fearsome Twilight Hauntings, strange beasts that roam the kingdom to kill any enchanter or enchanter’s child. This book is amazing! I love the characters and the idea of a world where magic exists, but is illegal, as it’s a fresh spin on the usual fantasy with a generic system of magic. I especially love the middle of the book, where Alex is running from someone who has no ill intent with Alex, but she believes they do. My only criticism of the book is that the Night Wraith isn’t all that intimidating. I wish it had some ghostly body to attack with, instead of just being a grey fog. But other than that, this book is amazing! I definitely recommend it, and I can’t wait for the next entry!

~Max, Grade 6

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