Morse Pond Review: August Isle

9780062433411August Isle

Ali Standish

Available April 16, 2019



I loved this book! It is now probably one of my favorites. The main character, Miranda, goes to August Isle (a small island in Florida), while her mom goes on a business trip to Argentina. Miranda’s mother grew up on August Isle and Miranda stays with her mom’s best friend, Clare, who still lives on August Isle. Miranda makes friends with Aunt Clare’s daughter, Sammy, and Sammy’s classmate Caleb. She also meets Mr.Taylor, an old sea captain who seems to have something to hide. Miranda is content on August Isle until a name pops up from her mother’s past. Suddenly noises are coming from a haunted lighthouse and nothing seems to make sense, like why Mr.Taylor has a picture of a little girl holding Miranda’s stuffed whale, why Miranda has never been to August Isle before, and who is out at the lighthouse every night? I really think that this book could be the next big thing!


By Maisie C., grade 5


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