Morse Pond Review: Georgia Rules

georgiarulesGeorgia Rules

Nanci Turner Stevenson



Available May 2, 2017

Georgia Rules has all the makings of a classic that will be loved by many readers for years to come! The story centers around twelve year old Magnolia Grace (Maggie, for short) who is forced to leave her home in Georgia to spend a year on a farm in Vermont that her long-estranged, recently deceased father left to her in his will. Despite not wanting to go, Maggie falls in love with Vermont as she learns things about herself, true friendship and her family. The descriptions in the book are so well done that you feel as if you are there with this endearing cast of characters. It makes you want to hop in the car for a drive to Vermont to watch sugaring on the farm and stop at the Parker’s Country Store. This heart-warming story touches on many contemporary and important issues in a considerate, understanding and age-sensitive way. With the renewed called for diversity in children’s literature, this book MUST find its way onto all children’s library shelves when it arrives in May! As a school library teacher, my only regret is that I have to wait until May 2nd to share it with my students!

~ Mrs. Abbott, Library Media Teacher


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