Review: I Used to Be a Fish

IUsedtoBeaFishI Used to Be a Fish

Tom Sullivan



Available October 2016

Follow a fish through the hardships and difficulties encountered in each stage of its evolution until it becomes a young boy, pondering what comes next. Watch the fish grow and adapt to better deal with each situation it encounters. Through a simple but effective view of evolution, Sullivan creates a beautifully unique version of Earth’s history that will teach kids their ancient roots in an entertaining and attention-grabbing manner. The eye-popping illustrations and the bright color scheme will grab kids’ attention. The journey of a fish as it evolves into a rat, a monkey, and finally a human child just like them will keep them interested and entertained. The illustrations and the journey narrated in this book both leap off the pages and let children know that they can be anything they want. Ages 4-8.

~ Julia and Lana


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2 thoughts on “Review: I Used to Be a Fish

  1. Amy Shapiro says:

    please notify me when this book is available.

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