Morse Pond Review: Swing Sideways

SwingSidewaysSwing Sideways

Nanci Turner Steveson



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Swing Sideways is one of my all time favorite books.  The stream of events run from adventurous, to heartwarming, to surprising, to exciting.  The main character, Annie starts off feeling overwhelmed with the schedules her mother makes, how her whole life is planned out.  So for the entire summer, they come up with the Freedom Plan, Annie gets to do whatever she wants.  That summer they head to the countryside, and live by a farm.  Here, Annie makes friends with a mysterious but lovable girl named California.  The two of them spend the whole summer running around the farm, enjoying life, solving mysteries.   Just when Annie thinks everything in her life is going perfectly, something unexpected happens that changes her life forever.

Overall, this book is much like Bridge to Terabithia or Out of My Mind.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone, you won’t be disappointed!

-Grace, age 11

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One thought on “Morse Pond Review: Swing Sideways

  1. ponywriter7 says:

    Thank you, Grace, I am honored you loved my book, and wrote this remarkable, heartfelt review.

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