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Morse Pond Review: Minrs



Kevin Sylvester

Margaret K. McElderry Books


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Minrs, by Kevin Sylvester, is an amazing story that opens up a window to imagination. It uses an amazing array of characters to unveil an interesting plot. The main character, Christopher, is on the newest dwarf planet in the Solar System, Perses. It is home to many minerals to help humans survive, seeing as they are running out. He and his parents are some of the many to travel there to mine. However, just as they lose all communication with Earth for 2 months, pirates come to steal the ore. All the adults are killed or captured, and the children must stay safe in the mines. I really enjoyed this book because there is so much action and suspense. You have no idea what’s coming next, and the book has everything from tanks to weapons to codes to a little romance, and everything in between. “The kids run. They hide. But can they survive?”.

~ Luke, 10

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