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Morse Pond Review: Tiara on the Terrace

Tiara on the Terrace Tiara on the Terrace

Kristen Kittscher



Available January 5, 2016

Action, Adventure and Tiaras

In this mystery book, the two sleuths return as an amazing sequel to the Wig in the Window. Sophie Young and Grace Yang just solved the biggest crime in town history! But if they thought that was hard, they’re in for another surprise. When an accident happens and the winter sun festival president Jim Steptoe winds up dead, it’s up to the two sleuths to solve the mystery. With this incredible novel, which is full of mystery and suspense, Kristen Kittscher captures the readers with her witty words and outstanding detail. If you liked the first book, The Wig in the Window you are sure to love this astonishing sequel.

Maddy F., grade 6
Wig in the Window

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Morse Pond Review: Class Dismissed

ClassDismissedClass Dismissed

Allan Woodrow

Scholastic Press


Available now
Class Dismissed is a book about a class of kids whose teacher quits, but they do not tell anyone.  The children find that class is hard with no teacher, but they learn more about things that they would ever learn in school normally. It starts off by telling you about how mean Ms. Bryce, their teacher, is. They begin an experiment and Ms Bryce’s shoes become completely soaked in vinegar, which leads to her quitting right after. She called the principal right before she quit. One of the kids in the class got sent to the principal’s office right before this happened, and he heard the recording in the office when the principal was  doing something else. He went right back to the classroom after that. When he got back no one knew what to do, so one group of kids decided to goof off. After two days of total chaos, one kid decides to take over. Crazy things happen, and eventually they must write their own play… from scratch.

This is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes twists in a story.

~ Ben W., age 11

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Morse Pond Review: Baker’s Magic


Baker's MagicBaker’s Magic

Diane Zahler

Capstone Young Readers


Available February 2016

Bee, an orphan, runs away from her foster parents who torture her. She walks for miles and miles to another town. When she gets there she steals a roll from a bakery. The baker, Master Bouts, takes her in as his apprentice. She finds out she has a magical power. This book has adventure, friendship, trust and plenty of action. Bee is a kind, sweet and adventurous girl. This is an incredible book and everybody should read it.

~ Sophia, 11

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