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Morse Pond Review: Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side UpSunny Side Up

Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm



Available now

I loved the book, Sunny Side Up. It is about a girl, Sunny, who goes alone to visit Florida where her grandfather lives. She finds out her grandfather lives in a place where a bunch of old people live (like really old people). Her brother is having problems at home so instead of going on an amazing vacation with her friend, she has to go to Florida. She has many adventures in Florida with her grandfather and the new boy she meets, Buzz, who is obsessed with comics and introduces Sunny to them and finds out she loves them. Sunny and Buzz end up having a great time in Florida while Sunny tries to forget about the problems her brother is having. Sunny Side Up is one of the best graphic novels ever.

~ Sophia, age 11

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Morse Pond Review: Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

Look Both Ways in the Barrio BlancoLook Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

Judith Robbins Rose

Candlewick Press


Available now

I really enjoyed this book, and I loved the fact that it reflects a lot of Mexican culture.  The main character, Jacinta Juarez struggles to admit the fact that her Mama has gone, and might not make it back across the Mexican border.  Meanwhile, she is paired with a rich and famous mentor, Jacinta is not sure where she belongs.  She doesn’t know whether to stay with her family, and work as a cleaning lady, or follow her dream with the help of her new mentor and become something different.

Everyone can love Jacinta’s realistic attitude, how she wants her mentor to herself, and keep her forever.  Her perseverance is long tunnel that goes on forever as she fights to get her Mama back and show the world what she can do.  For those who are fans of Listen, Slowly, or Bayou Magic, you would like this book.

~ Grace H., age 11

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Morse Pond Review: Baker’s Magic


Baker's MagicBaker’s Magic

Diane Zahler

Capstone Young Readers


Available February 2016

Baker’s Magic is very enjoyable, and full of magic and adventure.  The main character, Bee, short for Beatrice, has run away from her foster parents, and to her surprise ends up with a baker.  In the baker’s town, she learns to love the art of culinary, while meeting princesses and pirates, and fighting evil mages.  Baker’s Magic is lots of fun to read, with unexpected twists and turns everywhere.  People who love a little bit of humor tossed in with adventure would be enchanted with this book.

~ Grace, age 11

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Staff Review: The Girl from Everywhere


the girl from everywhereThe Girl From Everywhere

Heidi Heilig

Greenwillow Books


Available February 2016

For those of you seeking one roller-coaster of an adventure without leaving your chair, then The Girl From Everywhere written by Heidi Heilig is the book for you. Once I started to read the book, it became impossible to put it down. This story focuses on a sixteen year old girl named Nixie or Nix for short: a girl born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1868. A girl who since then has been sailing around the world on a ship with her father and various other crew members, from century to century, country to country. The setting of them traveling around on one huge ship from sea to sea has that whole Pirates of a Caribbean kind of feel. On the way they collect numerous exotic species, one of them being a rare bird that Nix manages to steal from a bird keeper in India, that has the power to cure any illness by simply looking the sick person in the eye.

Nix’s father sees her as nothing but bait. He will use her to get whatever he needs, wherever he needs, no matter how dangerous the situation may be. His main objective is to get back to 1868 Honolulu Hawaii where the story all began, to reunite with the love of his life before she died giving birth to Nix. Unfortunately, the future won’t look bright for Nix if she does help her father. Instead it will cost Nix her own life.

~Eryn, 16

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