Morse Pond Review: The Marvels

MarvelsThe Marvels

Brian Selznick



Available now

In The Marvels, you find yourself on the edge of your seat no matter where you are in the story. All the twist and turns in the plot was probably what I liked the most. The biggest twist was so genius of the author to incorporate into the story that your mind is actually blown. The twist itself was something I would change. I think that it was what the author was going for though. The ending itself was amazing. It was satisfying in all ways. The Marvels was a touching story that showed that family was surprising, and you never can predict when you will have a new member added to it. This whimsical story will get you gasping, laughing, and feeling close to tears, happy and sad. I would recommend this book to all lovers of the famous Invention of Hugo Cabret, and Wonderstruck.

~ Sklyer, grade 6

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