Morse Pond Review: Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics

MrLemoncellosLibraryOlympicsMr.Lemoncello’s Library Olympics

Chris Grabenstein

Random House


January 5, 2016

Mr.Lemoncello’s Library Olympics, by Chris Grabenstein, is a very comical sequel.  Different than Escape From Mr.Lemoncello’s Library, but they both represent a similar theme – teamwork.

Kyle Keeley is back with his teammates, this time, but not competing against each other. Teams from all around the country feel that they can beat these hometown champions. So, Mr.Lemoncello calls these competitive teams in. Together, Kyle and his team fight to keep their victory. Along the way, books start to disappear and Mr.Lemoncello loses his spirit. All the teams must join together to save everyone’s favorite library. I liked this book a lot, almost as much as the first one. The plot never slows down, surprises popping out every corner. The characters are so alive, especially Majory Muldauer, Kyle’s arch nemesis. She is so fierce and confident you would never think that she has a side of her that she tries to hide. I would recommend this book to everyone who loved the first book of these amusing series.

~ Grace, grade 6

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