Morse Pond Review: Every Soul a Star

EverySoulAStarEvery Soul A Star

Wendy Mass

Little, Brown


Available now

Every Soul A Star is a great book. I really loved how real the characters were, and how their personalities are revealed. Wendy Mass does a fantastic replica of teenagers, I’ve never, ever read a book like that before. Her awesome details pull the reader in, and makes you never want to put the book down. Two teenage girls, and one teenage boy all meet on a mystical, beautiful campsite. Waiting for a Lunar Eclipse, they go on a mission… but will they survive the daring of the adventure, or each other? This book is amazing, and even if you’re not a big reader, it will make you one. If you are already a big reader,  it will make you a bigger reader. You will especially love this book if you’ve read any of these books: A Dog’s Life, Listen, Slowly, or Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s library. If you’re in any doubt about in reading it, or just think that this is just a regular same-old, -same-old book……..READ IT!

~ Kailei, grade 6

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