Why we are excited about the Sara Farizan/ David Levithan Event on July 15th

Sara Farizan

Sara Farizan is funny. Like really funny. She has that perfect deadpan sense of humor and sometimes you have to listen closely to catch her spot-on commentary. After you meet her, you will want her to be your best friend. Get in line; every bookseller who has met her feels the same way. If You Could Be Mine examines relationships and first love — complete with all the requisite roller coaster emotions. Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel has a witty main character, also with the perfect deadpan sense of humor and spot-on commentary.

David Levithan

David Levithan breaks boundaries every time he writes a book. In Boy Meets Boy, he exploded the ‘traumatic coming out story’ trope. In Two Boys Kissing, he fearlessly included a cover photo of two boys kissing. He’s written in prose, verse, dictionary, and now musical. Feel free to debate whether ‘dictionary’ is actually a genre. Each of his books is unique. It’s almost impossible to say that one is better than any other. They are all differently amazing.

The event is called “Conversations with David Levithan and Sara Farizan” and you get to participate! Send us your questions via Facebook, Twitter, email, in the comments below, however you want. We’re putting together a list of reader questions for these two fantastic authors to discuss. Maybe yours will be on it!


At the event we will be giving away Advance Reader Copies of George, by Alex Gino, edited by none other than David Levithan. This fantastic new middle-grade novel is about George, who desperately wants to play the role of Charlotte in her school play, so that the world can see her as the girl she knows she is inside. George will be published in August, but we have three copies to give away on July 15.

Tell me againHold Me Closer

See you on July 15th!

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