Staff Review: Harvest for Hope

Harvest for HopeHarvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating 

Jane Goodall

Warner Books


Available now

“Unless we stop the pollution and degradation caused by industrial farming and seriously address overfishing and global warming, we will literally run out of enough resources to feed everyone by the year 2050” (p.279); a scary thought, which is exactly why it is important to read this book.

If you are not aware of the effects of industrial farming, pesticides and hormones, for example, on you or the people and animals around you, this book will serve as a much-needed wake-up call to why we all need to eat mindfully. For those that are already aware of the issues mentioned in this book, you may learn some additional, important information that adds to the knowledge and awareness you already have.

Too many of us have lost touch with the land. Jane Goodall, persuasively and respectfully, yet strongly and compellingly, urges all of us to reconnect with it. The connection between people and the land is vital to the future of life on this planet.

Reading this book will help you realize why the source of your food, every bite you eat, matters. Every choice you make as an individual has an impact. Jane Goodall does an amazing job of presenting frightening facts, yet telling us what we can do to hope, to incite change, and to make a difference.

~ Rebecca

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