Staff Review: Half the Sky

HalftheSkyHalf the Sky

Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn

Vintage Books


Available now

Half the Sky is one of the most powerful, inspirational and important books that I have read.

I was already aware of many of the issues that Nicholas Kristoff and Cheryl WuDunn highlight in their book; still it inspired me. It “galvanized” (to use one of the words that they mention a few times) me into action, this review being my first act.

We all have a voice. Kristoff and WuDunn urge us to use it. Too many women continue to suffer, to be victims of unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence. We need to act. As uncomfortable as reading the stories in this book may be, just think: you are reading a non-fiction book; a woman or girl has lived through, or is living through, that “story.”

Despite the horror, there is hope. People, including the girls and women in these horrible situations themselves, are acting. Kristoff and WuDunn even include an appendix of organizations that support girls and women, giving you the tools you need to take immediate action.

Empowering women will help change the world. Take the time to read this book. Even if you cannot act on this particular issue immediately, you will have a valuable resource to which you can refer in the future.


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