Customer Review: Elusion

9780062122414Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam


Katherine Tegen Books


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I first noticed this book because of its cover. People say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but once I had read the description, I realized the cover fit the description perfectly and this made the book even more appealing. This story is about a girl named Regan whose dead father has invented technology that puts the brain into a trance state and allows it to ‘travel’ to different ‘escapes’ that are based on different natural landscapes all over the world. The story is based in the future where the world has become overly polluted by ambitious companies and people work seven days a week for almost all hours. These conditions make people anxious to escape, and that is what the Elusion app allows. However, things may not be as safe and perfect as they seem in Elusion. People have started to go into comas from the app, and Raegen with the help of Josh have to figure out why. People have found a way to disable the safety controls and it is allowing them to stay in Elusion too long, with possible brain damage. And Reagan’s friend Patrick who worked with her father in designing the project is not telling her anything. There is a rumor that it has something to do with the firewall in elusion that is supposedly just like a firewall in a computer but it may be something more and Regan and Josh have to figure out what is causing the comas before people start to die.

I liked the idea of an app that allows us to escape to a place in our subconscious, and it posed important questions such as, “what will happen when technology becomes a larger part of our life than it already has? What will we do about it?” It was an engaging story with a heroine who, while she had her flaws, was determined to fix the problem. Overall this book was a good read, although it was a little confusing at parts when elusion seemed to take over the brain, as it confused the writing style of the book. Nevertheless, I do recommend this book for anyone who likes to read about adventure, technology, and science fiction.

~ Marissa

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