Staff Review: Rethinking Narcicism

RethinkingNarcissismRethinking Narcissism

Dr. Craig Malkin



Available July 15, 2015

You are a narcissist. Feel offended after reading that sentence? Do not be! Dr. Malkin argues that we are all narcissistic, which, in fact, may not be entirely bad. Some narcissism is good and can be beneficial to both you and society as a whole. By reading this book, you will be able to take the “Narcissism Spectrum” test which will, in turn, allow you to realize more about yourself and those around you. Although this book will not replace a conversation with a trained professional, it will give you the tools you need to incite change. You do not need to be a medical professional to enjoy this book. Read it and be pleasantly surprised, or not, that loving yourself – just enough – is a necessary, if precarious, fact of life.

~ Rebecca

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