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Staff Review: Thinking in Numbers

9780316187367Thinking in Numbers

Daniel Tammet

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Daniel Tammet views life in a fascinating way. After watching the documentary The Boy with the Incredible Brain, I felt compelled to buy Born on a Blue Day. I read and loved it. Then years went by, and he and his talent fell off my radar. When I came across Thinking in Numbers at Eight Cousins, I began to remember how much I enjoyed Born on a Blue Day. This book rekindled my interest in Daniel Tammet, and changed my perspective in a number of ways (pun intended).

This books touches on many topics that the author links vividly and directly to numbers. It has been years since my Shakespeare class in high school, and although I remember basic information about some of his plays, I never really thought about the text beyond what was relevant to class discussions, papers and tests. Reading the chapter “Shakespeare’s Zero” made me think very carefully about the number zero, and about Shakespeare’s many works. If I get the chance to reread Macbeth, King Lear, or any other of Shakespeare’s works, I know it will be from a different, more profound point of view.

Every chapter in Tammet’s book is rich in history, language and comparisons. He gives the reader glimpses into his world and how everything relates to numbers. Even if you are not a fan of math and are not a linguist, this book will inspire you to reflect on your life and how you live it. Thinking in Numbers is a wonderful, thought-provoking journey through the mind of an autistic savant that will take mental energy to read, but will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and curiosity at the same time. I highly recommend it.

~ Rebecca

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