Customer Review: The Terror of the Southlands


Caroline Carlson

The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates: The Terror of the Southlands

Illustrated by Dave Phillips


Available in September

In the sequel to Magic Marks the Spot, Caroline Carlson creates an epic adventure featuring Hilary Westfield that’s just as magical, quirky, and hilarious as the first! Filled with new dangers, shocking discoveries, strange magic, and heroic talking gargoyles, fantasy and adventure-loving readers will definitely enjoy The Terror of the Southlands.

In the sequel, Hilary Westfield is now the captain of her own ship, calmly sailing in the harbor; living life without much adventure. But The VNHLP has a problem with that: They think she’s not being “piraty” enough, and are willing to strip her of her title (Terror of the Southlands) and her membership with the VNHLP for this! Desperate to prove her worth, Hilary sets out on a swash-buckling adventure to save Mrs. Pimms (otherwise known as the Enchantress of the Northlands) who has mysteriously disappeared.

Facing many challenges along the way, including rude inspectors, a sly group called “The Mutineers,” and nagging governesses, Hilary will stop at nothing to rescue the Enchantress . . . even if it means attending a high society ball!

This book certainly kept me turning its pages, and surprised me a little at the end, but overall was a fun and quirky book, and I can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out!

~ Emma, age 10

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