Customer Review: The Eye of Zoltar

TFC9780547738499he Eye of Zoltar

Jasper Fford



Available October 2014

I absolutely loved this book! It is the third book in the Chronicles of Kazam series and was just as good, if not better than the first two books. I loved Jasper Fforde’s sense of humor. The book is set in modern times except there’s magic, kings, dragons and many more mystical things. For instance the mobile phone network is getting reestablished with magic. There is also pizza delivery service on magic carpets. In this book Jennifer Strange (the main character) goes on a quest that is not a quest — it can’t be an official quest, because then she would have to fill out lots of paperwork with the questing agency. The mighty Shander forces her into going on the quest. He tells her that if she doesn’t get the Eye of Zolter for him, he will kill the dragons she saved in book one. She also gets the responsibility for the spoiled princess in a servant’s body. She also needs to negotiate the release of magician Once Magnificent Boo from her unfair imprisonment. Will she change the princess and turn her into a character fit to rule? Will she save the dragons? Can she get the Once Magnificent Boo back safe and sound? All these questions are answered in The Eye of Zoltar. I would give this book ten out of ten stars, it has something for everyone: mystery, magic, and humor.

~ Helena, age 11

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One thought on “Customer Review: The Eye of Zoltar

  1. Carol Chittenden says:

    I love the idea of “the spoiled princess in a servant’s body.” I think I’ve met a few!

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