Customer Review: Odin’s Ravens


Odin’s Ravens

K. L. Armstrong and M. A. Marr

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


Available May 13, 2014

I highly recommend Odin’s Ravens, the sequel to Loki’s Wolves. This book is full of adventure, daring escapes, perilous quests, and big battles. Anyone who is a fan of adventure books will love this book. Seven children, who are descendants of Norse gods, struggle to save their dead friend, Balwin. If they can bring him back to life, they can alter the end-of-the-world myth! Then, they must retrieve Thor’s hammer for Matt, a descendant of Thor. My favorite battle was between the kids and a giant with two heads and a flaming sword, which took place in the Underworld. Will they succeed in their quest? Read Odin’s Ravens to find out. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and give it 5 stars.

~ Emmet, age 9

Eight Cousins Note: Recommended for readers of Rick Riordan’s Lost Heroes series, R. L. LaFevers Theodosia books, Richard Paul Evans’s Michael Vey series, and J & P Voelkel’s The Jaguar Stones series.

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