Indies Introduce: Eddie Red Undercover and Sekret

I was honored to be invited to the Indies Introduce Children’s panel last summer. A group of ten booksellers from all over the country read through middle grade and young adult novels by first-time novelists. We had regular conference calls discussing each book and eventually selected what we considered to be the ten best books by debut authors. Those books are now (woot!) being published and I’m excited to introduce them to the Eight Cousins community. Over the next week, I’ll discuss each of the books.

Today’s Featured Indies Introduce titles are Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile by Marcia Wells and Sekret by Lindsay Smith.


FC9780544238336Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile

Marcia Wells

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Ages 8-12

Eddie has a photographic memory. When he witnesses a crime, he’s better able to provide the NYPD sketches of the perpetrators than the professional sketch artist. One of the rather gruff detectives hires Eddie to help solve a string of art thefts. Eddie, with the help of his best friend, is determined to prove his value to the force, even if occasionally that means using non-traditional methods. Eddie’s parents are a hoot and his relationship with the NYPD detective is hilarious. The adults support Eddie in a variety of ways, while still being mildly embarrassing and over-protective. Eddie is a fantastic new character in middle grade fiction; I look forward to reading more of his adventures.


Lindsay Smith

Roaring Brook Press


Ages 13-18

Yulia can see the history of an object — or a person — just by touch. This gift helps her negotiate the black market in 1960s Soviet Union, but it doesn’t protect her from being taken by a special branch of the KGB. Placed with other kids who have similar psychic abilities, Yulia doesn’t know who to trust. She can see memories, but the others can influence them. And with one very powerful, unknown person who can change memories, Yulia isn’t even sure she can trust herself. An historical, paranormal romance and espionage thriller set during the space race in 1960s Soviet Union, Sekret is a brilliant blend of fast-paced action and philosophical questions about the clash between individuality and society.

~ Sara

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