Morse Pond Review: Prisoner 88


Prisoner 88

Leah Pileggi



Available now

Prisoner 88 by Leah Pileggi is a book for kids who likes stunning events surrounded by some yelling and bossing around. It is about a boy who shoots somebody and gets caught. Then, he is sent to jail for a few years. He has to deal with old men getting in fights with him and getting bossed around a lot. He gets assigned a job from the Warden to get the pigs to grow to be nice and healthy for the lunch room everyday. Every week he gets asked how the pigs were doing. He has to say ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad.’’ If he says bad, he does not get paid and someone else get assigned the job. After a year or so he gets the routine down, wakes up feeds the pigs, and has a bacon and salad lunch. Soon, it is his last year. So he gets his hopes so high he could explode, but unfortunately the warden keeps him there. If you like books with hard, rough, violent, suspenseful moments, then this is the book for you. So, if you like it come out and get one!

~ Conner, age 11

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