1) Bring in two titles 2) Bring friends

This past summer we started a book club for kids ages 8-12, entitled Eight Wonders. We’ve tried a few different types of meetings. Twice we invited authors to visit and speak with the club members.  For one meeting we tried reading the same book, but that didn’t work out too well (no one read it but me). Usually the club members each select an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) and report on it at the meetings. It’s a great way for the kids to find out about a handful of new books and hear recommendations from their peers. Sometimes the kids love a book so much that it gets passed around, each new person confirming that the book is indeed that amazing (re: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library). The kids are always enthusiastic; sometimes their enthusiasm is so overwhelming that they cannot stop talking about books long enough to let someone else talk about a book. Sometimes they have to run around in circles, leaping like gazelles. That really happened when I announced that Linda Urban would be doing an event at the store. Fortunately we meet outside in the summer.

Now it’s the school year and people are busy, but we still have a core group of reading enthusiasts who come to the meetings on Saturday afternoons. They’ve decided that they all want to read the same book. I’m hoping it will work better this time (meaning I hope someone else besides me reads the book). They’ve all been instructed to bring in two book titles to nominate and we’ll vote at the November meeting. They also think that there should be a few more members, so one of them entreated everyone to bring someone to the next meeting. Personally, I kind of like it when the group is small, but who am I to temper their enthusiasm? Finally, they really really really want Rick Riordan to come to a club meeting. I’m still trying to figure out how to break the news on that one.

After all the kids had been picked up at the end of the October meeting, I found this note on the floor.


I love this book club.

If you want to see what the Eight Wonders Club recommends, see our Pinterest board. Anyone interested in receiving information about the club can sign up on our website.


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