Customer Review: Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Two

9781442445949Keeper of the the Lost Cities

Shannon Messenger

Aladdin Paperback


Available August 2013

By the cover of this book I knew I would like it. And I was right. Packed with so much magic, sorrow, and adventure, you wouldn’t know which was which. If you read one page, you won’t stop until the end.

When the main character, Sophie Foster, starts to get letters from her kidnappers and rescuers, the mysterious black swan, Grady, Sophie’s adopted father, starts telling her that they’re evil, Sophie’s not so sure.

But then Grady tells her a secret about how his daughter Jolie died. Sophie is finally convinced that the black swan are evil. But when Sophie gets a final note from the black swan that could change her future and gives her hope, she starts to think that they aren’t as bad as Grady thinks they are . . .

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