Monthly Archives: May 2013

Screen Free Week Day 2

I’m loving having an excuse to stop work at 5 and do something else. I tried to recreate Monday’s walk and take some of the pictures that I had missed. Unfortunately the duck I saw on Monday did not return and sit in the setting sunlight on the pond in precisely the same way, so I did miss that photo opportunity. But being out in the setting sun is definitely preferable to watching the sun set from my desk.

Even though I purposefully opted in to Screen Free Week, I’m getting a little caught up in my own arbitrary rules. Am I allowed to check my calendar? What if my aunt sends me a text? Or my mother tells me to check my email? Do I ignore them? Stick to my plan? I’m finding myself trying to cram all computer related tasks into the working day, and realizing that I just can’t get everything done. It’s also interesting to see how much of my life is tied up in my various devices. This idea is nothing new, but you don’t really think about it, until you try to step away. I’m assuming that Screen Free Week started with TV, so technically you could still talk on the phone, use a planner and your camera, but now doing any of those things feels a bit like cheating. I’m enjoying this experiment, and I’ve even made 5 pm walk dates with some of my co-workers for the rest of the week, but it was very obvious last night that my resolve was already showing huge cracks and it was only day 2. ~ sara

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