Screen Free Week Day 5

IMG_2684I have had a record number of walk dates with co-workers (and one very small baby) this week. Not sure if I should credit Screen Free Week, spring, or the amazing weather, but it’s always great to get to know everyone a little better outside of work. During yesterday’s walk, I was delighted to discover an enormous rock. Other Falmouth residents are probably familiar with the big rock in Beebe Woods, but in all these years of visiting, I have never seen it before. When my family first started coming to the area, I was 4 years old. I have memories of playing on what I thought were gigantic rocks in the woods near the cottage. I went back to visit those rocks years later only to discover they were shorter than my knees. The Beebe Woods rock could not possibly disappoint lingering childhood memories. It seemed as humongous to me yesterday as it probably does to every kid who stumbles across it for the first time. I bet people all over Falmouth have stories about this particular rock. Don’t worry. I’m not asking for them.




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