Screen Free Week Day 1

I’ve been inspired by the Random Acts of Reading posts about Screen Free Week. I decided that it wasn’t realistic to go screen free during work hours, but wondered whether I could manage it during personal ones. In a fit of enthusiasm, I turned off my computer at 5 pm yesterday and decided to go on a walk. The walk went something like this: I’d check my back pocket to make sure my phone was still there, freak out because it wasn’t, remember that I had intentionally left my phone at home, relax, and then repeat every 5 to 10 minutes. The walk was lovely, which is to be expected. This area is always beautiful, but spring has definitely sprung and all the soft greens and flowers are amazing. My biggest problem was that I wanted to take pictures of everything! I was so annoyed that I didn’t have my phone. I figure that’s a good excuse to go on another walk today. Normally I work for a few hours after dinner and then read for maybe an hour or so. Reading for 5 hours was such a luxury. I finished The Miseducation of Cameron Post, one of this year’s ALA Morris Debut Award Finalists, by Emily Danforth. I had a slow start with this book, but then I couldn’t put it down and was most impressed with Danforth’s writing. I’m starting to get excited about all the books I could read this week. I still have a pile to finish before the BEA conference at the end of May. I admit I did check my phone messages one time before I went to bed, but managed to avoid email and all the assorted social media sites. So far so good. If nothing else, Screen Free Week is reminding me to stop work from bleeding in to my evening, and I’m already looking forward to tonight’s walk.

~ sara


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