Staff Reviews: The Fault in our Stars and Who Could That Be at This Hour?

9780525478812I was reluctant to put down The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The main characters, Hazel and August, captured my heart from the beginning, and I could not wait to see how they developed. John Green’s love for the dramatic shattered my heart in the end, but it was worth the pain I endured to finally discover what became of the characters that I had grown so fond of. (Note: The Fault in our Stars was a staff pick for 2012 and is also reviewed here.)

9780316123082I have enjoyed Lemony Snicket’s books since I was a young child, and his newest did not disappoint. With its never ending plot twists and fast paced action, Who Could That Be at This Hour? compelled me to keep reading. Snicket knows how to tailor his writing to his intended audience, and even though he uses long words he never fails to work in a clever definition. If you enjoy his newest mystery but haven’t yet read A Series of Unfortunate Events, then they are a must read as well.

~ Sam, 16

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