Digital Poetry Contest

Our Digital Poetry Contest ended on February 14th and we’ve sent the short list off to YA author, Lisa Schroeder. We’ll be announcing that list and the final contest winner next week. In the mean time, we had so many excellent submissions that we wanted to post some of the poems that aren’t on the short-list, but deserve recognition. Write on. Eight Cousins

My Kite and I 

During the expanse of spring and fall,

My favorite is the time of the kite.

Warm air and gentle wind are our call,

Through the sky, my best friend soars and takes flight.

Winds too strong,

Carry our hopes of takeoff away.

Though winds tame and long,

Bored, my vessel and I will sway.

Wind that buffets, swoops and stings,

Forces down rain, sleet and snow.

The chilling howls, through my head still rings.

This drives us away, now inside we must go.

Along with the cold, my kite and I despise the heat

Humid air, motionless, and stiff as glass,

We attempt not to falter or admit defeat,

But are sent plummeting, lifeless into the grass.

However short our time may be,

I will savor the time when it was only my kite and me.

(Madeleine, age 14)

It’s Good

It’s going fast.

Into the dark,

the unknown,

but there’s something ahead


It’s good.

It’s clear.

So it continues



Nothing to obstruct.

Nothing to hold back.

It’s there and it’s going.

On and on and on.

By itself



Into the dark,

the unknown,

but something’s ahead


(Leah, age 17)

School is like Jail

School is like Jail

You go against your will,

You are to do as you are told,

And your humor becomes ill.

All your rights are gone far away,

You have a forced schedule,

People try to take advantage of you,

And the food is terrible.

The only difference

Between School and Jail

Is that one helps your future

While the other helps you fail.

(Derrrick, age 18)

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