The staff that parties together . . .

One of our staff member is having a baby. As you might expect from a group of people who work in a (predominately) children’s bookshop, the rest of the staff members are beside themselves with excitement. Last night we had a baby shower, with, unfortunately, a no book policy that only one person violated. She’s forgiven, however, because she teaches a parenting class on baby books at the hospital. And she might be the boss, so no one complained. Practicing what she preaches, she  gave ‘The Basic 10: Best Books for Babies’.

We all pitched in to get a stroller for the new mom, which as one person pointed out, kind of looked like the Twilight books (black, white, and red). Surely that wasn’t intentional, but with this group, who knows. I’m rather new to this store, and these parties are always a great way to get to know everyone a little better. Turns out yesterday was also one staff member’s birthday, therefore the party had a dual function. We sang “Happy Birthday” followed by “Happy Baby”. The hostess has a lovely house with fantastic blue walls. Excellent decorating choice! And she makes a mean turkey chili. Another member of staff is heading to Ireland tomorrow for a semester abroad. We all wish her the best on her travels. We got to hear stories about car troubles, dog shenanigans, new library policies, and adventures in grand parenting. One staff member left promptly at 8:30 to be home in time for Downton AbbeyBook and bookstore talk was minimal; it’s always great to see that we have more in common than that one shared passion.

As for the mother-to-be, she went home with very small new clothes, some half-knitted items with the promise of completion, baby dishes with French speaking (?!) animals, and photo session when the little one arrives. She also has a Twilight stroller and car seat, which means she can visit us often. She has a whole gaggle of nannies ready and waiting at the bookstore.

The Basic 10

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