Christmas Moments

As I was driving to work today, I kept thinking that I haven’t really had a Christmas moment this year. You know, those moments that can only happen at this time of year. The ones that somehow capture the spirit of the holidays. The store has been busy for weeks, all our Giving Tree presents have been wrapped, the names are all on the tree, we’re playing holiday music, and we’ve been wrapping Christmas and Hanukkah presents since September, but it still doesn’t quite feel like Christmas. Then tonight everything changed. While I was working, I could see a father and his young son looking at the Christmas books. I thought he was reading the stories, but as I got closer I could hear the father softly singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” as the two of them looked at the pictures together. A few hours later, a boy — probably around 10 or 11 — came into the shop and performed a version of “What Child is this?” He was there for a reason, and with permission, but I don’t know all the details. His voice wavered a bit and he was nervous, but still he sang. For those few minutes, everyone stopped and the store was silent, other than his one small voice. These were my Christmas moments. Although I thought about asking the story behind that boy’s performance — I’m sure there is a perfectly logical explanation — I’v decided I don’t want to know. All I need are those moments of quiet reflection as we all paused and listened to him sing.

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