Customer Review: Invincible


Amy Reed

Katherine Tegan Books


Available April 2015

Invincible by Amy Reed deals with cancer and what happens when a girl  is suddenly cancer-free and is thrown back into a world where the most important thing is prom. Invincible will make you laugh, cry, and question what you think is important in life. ~ Emily

Customer Review: Magonia


Maria Dahvana Headley


Available in April 2014


Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley circles around a girl with a mysterious lung disease when one day she is transported to another world where she is healthy and has the ability to do incredible things with just her voice.  This story has a handful of snarky intelligent characters, and a beautiful setting.

~ Emily

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Customer Review: The Walled City

9780316405058The Walled City

Ryan Graudin

Little, Brown


Available now

The Walled City by Ryan Graudin is a book unlike any other book I have read. I feel that this is a memorable novel due to its realistic setting and three characters with dark pasts. The story focuses on three young individuals who live in a dangerous city and are stuck in a conflict that put their lives at risk.  The three teenagers will have to depend on each other in order to walk out of the Walled City alive. ~ Emily

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Customer Review: The Red Queen

RedQueenThe Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard



Available now

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is by far one of the best young-adult novels I have ever read.  With an interesting protagonist, a unique setting, and a wild plot twist leaving you wanting more.  The book surrounds a girl named Mare who lives in a world where the blood in your veins determines the life you live.  Mare discovers that she is different and is a powerful weapon to some.  Her life as she knows it will never be the same

~ Emily

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Staff Review — The Red Notebook

RedNotebookThe Red Notebook

Antoine Laurain

Gallic Books Limited

Available now

What a charming novel The Red Notebook is! Antoine Laurain has written a story about two strangers who would be perfect for each other, if only they could somehow connect. But he is a divorced bookseller. She is a widowed gilder. A meeting seems unlikely.

He finds her abandoned handbag, which contains objects and mementoes that reveal her personality but not her identity. A red notebook is filled with her thoughts and musings, and he gradually falls in love with the person who has written them. He uses his superior literary powers (being a bookseller and all) to discover her identity, doggedly pursuing a series of clues that are scattered throughout the text like breadcrumbs.

However, The Red Notebook is more than just a lovely story reminiscent of The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry and When Harry Met Sally. The Red Notebook is a love song dedicated to French literature, in particular to Patrick Modiano and his oeuvre. It is Modiano himself who provides the first clue to the handbag owner’s identity. There are references to at least 43 other authors, most of them French. Many names are recognizable to American readers.

Reading this novel made me want to read all of Modiano’s novels — sadly, out of 25 or so, only a few are available in English. The only way I see out of this deplorable situation is to improve six years of French well enough to read them!

~ Lysbeth Abrams

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Morse Pond Review — Brown Girl Dreaming

BrownGirlDreamingBrown Girl Dreaming

Jacqueline Woodson

Nancy Paulson Books


Available now

I liked Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson because it is a story about the author’s life.The book talks about her family, and I liked that her family is always together.This book is a unique and I would recommend it to everyone.

~ Rachelle,10

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Morse Pond Review — The Lost Children of the Far Islands

LostChildrenoftheFarIslandsThe Lost Children of the Far Islands

Emily Raabe

Knopf Books


Available now

The Lost Children of the Far Islands by Emily Raabe is quite a fascinating book. Gus, Leo, and Ila think that they are just normal kids until everything around them turns upside down.  It is action-packed, and has some twists and turns that you never would see it coming. I highly recommend this book if you like adventure.

~ Samantha R., age 12

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Morse Pond Review — House of Robots: My Brother the Robot

HouseofRobotsHouse of Robots: My Brother the Robot

James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Little, Brown


Available now

The book that I read was House of Robots: My Brother the Robot by James Patterson. What I liked about the book is that at the start Sammy didn’t like E going to his school, but at the end they became best buds. E is a robot that thinks it is Sammy’s brother. Sammy is worried that the other students will judge him as a nerd because of E. The bully in this book is up to no good at their school and is trying to get his crowd back. You should read this book because it is really funny and great to read.

~ Dontae, age 12

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Morse Pond Review — Bending Over Backwards

BendingOverBackwardsPicture Perfect: Bending Over Backwards

Cari Simmons and Heather Alexander



Available now

Bending Over Backwards by Cari Simmons and Heather Alexander was a great book. If you enjoy gymnastics or cheerleading then you’d love this book. I do gymnastics, so it was easy for me to understand to follow the story. If you don’t, you may not understand some of the terms. Overall I would read this book at least 5 more times. I’ve come to the conclusion that this book is probably meant for girls. Boys may enjoy this book, but I don’t think they’d receive the same message. I’d give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.
~ Sarah S.,12

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Morse Pond Review — Iron Trial

IronTrialIron Trial

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare


Available now

Magisterium: Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (two well-known and loved fantasy authors) was an action packed, mysterious fantasy, where Call is forced to go to a trial to get into an academy of wizards. While there, he purposely tries to fail so he can have a normal life. But, then again his life has never really been normal. When Call is called up to be accepted into the Magisterium his father is furious, and Call has to go to the Magisterium. I would give it 50 out of 5 stars.

Eamon, age 12

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